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November 16 th, 2001 

Hello visitors, members, friends, family, moms, dads, and those to-be parents.

There are a number of sites now owned by large corporations around the web.  As many of you have seen,  these have been a great vehicle in this new technology arena to reach out to an extended on line community. We have found friends that to some of us have become the family we do not  have.

As corporations have scaled back, most are dropping their live communities. We want to be that new home. This time, owned by parents, run by parents for parents and parents to be. Our first focus is to reach to our on line live communities through our chat and interactive board software. We are using iChatİ and infopopİ for those programs.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to those coming from other sites that are now closing or will soon close. We have volunteer staff, everyone has pitched in with graphics, servers, software, web master work, and many, many other talents to get us started. We will continue to extend a home to smaller sites that cannot afford nor have the staff for board and chat software. You are more than welcome to enter a cooperative effort with us. You can keep your site, and simply link to our higher traffic board & chat areas. Any board topics that are active and that fit within our range of parenting topics, we can create a forum.

We are starting with a few rooms in the chat software, but the ability to extend beyond that. You may also contact us to host a chat or a few chats, popular areas can have their own rooms created by demand. We will be hosted by the most secure server group on the internet, a number of the original engineers on the iChatİ software.

We will have the ability to go to hundreds of live chatters on this host. The plans are for several "sister" sites feed in and out of this site.

Your contributions in time, talent, informing others of our new home are greatly appreciated. We hope, you make us your daily home on the web. Our desire is to share with one another the experiences, trails, tribulations, and joys as we all walk down the path to our children's future together.

Thanks, and welcome home !

From all of us @ the Place for Helping Parents and Families Grow!

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